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US History
1950 - 1975

    The 1950’s marked the beginning of our Cold War with Russia, the Korean War, and McCarthyism.

    After World War II, Russia and the United States emerged as the world’s new superpowers. With the United States being extremely distrusting of Russia and Russia resenting the U.S’s power, this marked the beginning of a struggle for the control of the world.

    The Korean War lasted from 1950-1953 between North and South Korea with Communists aiding North Korea and the U.S aiding South. Harry S. Truman was our president at this time and entrusted General Douglas MacArthur as the commanding chief. In September of 1950, The North Koreans had invaded and controlled most of South Korea, however General MacArthur rallied the troops and by November 25, 1950, The North Koreans controlled most of South Korea. When MacArthur pushed the Koreans into China however, the Chinese army quickly attacked the Americans and MacArthur retaliated. President Truman, however, fired MacArthur for fighting the “wrong war at the wrong time.” An armistice was finally signed between the two sides which basically returned things to as they had been before the war.

    Dwight D. Eisenhower had been a general in World War II before he was elected to the presidency in 1952. During his presidency the truce between North and South Korea was signed in 1953. Joseph McCarthy rose to and fell from power during Eisenhower’s presidency. In domestic policy the President pursued a middle course, continuing most of the New Deal and Fair Deal programs, emphasizing a balanced budget. As desegregation of schools began, he sent troops into Little Rock, Arkansas, to assure compliance with the orders of a Federal court; he also ordered the complete desegregation of the Armed Forces. "There must be no second class citizens in this country," he wrote.

    Joseph “Tailgunner Joe” McCarthy was an obscure Senator from Wisconsin before a February 1950 speech in Wheeling, West Virginia quickly thrust him into the limelight. In that speech, he accused Secretary of State Dean Acheson of knowingly employing 205 Communist party members. During his time in power, he accused many but did not prove one person of being Communist. His final downfall was when he attacked the U.S. Army for employing Communists. At a nationally televised hearing, the nation saw his blunders and that led to his fall.

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