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US History
1950 - 1975

 During the early seventies, a few problems occurred in America regarding politics. In the early seventies, strikes arose which affected the country politically. Oversea wars were ended and relations with the European powers were improved. Other problems were the Arab oil embargo of 73, the water gate scandal, and Nixon's presidency.

During 1973 there was an oil embargo. The Arabs at this time were fighting a war with the Israelis. The Arabs would soon lose this war due to the intervention of the west in aiding the Israelis to victory. In outrage the Arabs would put an oil embargo on the western hemisphere. This was a tragic event as the negotiators of the US would frantically try to negotiate with the Arabs. Due to this inflation rose and this would lead to a political debate over the economy. This event was a huge impact to the west. This showed that the west is so dependent on the Arabs that if they mess up politically with their relations, they will be hurt if the Arabs refuse to give them oil. This was a huge political event because it was an issue in the elections and the economy would be at the top in political discussions.

During 1974 the Watergate scandal erupted into the world as the media took over. Nixon was so paranoid because he wanted to win a second term as president. He had a for sure win for his second term but he was so paranoid that he sent men called "creepers" to find out information. The creepers broke into Watergate the first time undetected to gather information on which the democrats are going to run for their ticket. The second time the creepers broke in. the security guard caught them and called the police. The creepers had turned their walkie-talkies off so they had no chance of knowing the police were coming once the stakeout guy tried to alert them. The creepers were caught and arrested while wearing three-piece suits. Nixon would lead to his own downfall because he recorded everything he did. He kept a file of tapes so he can write an autobiography about his life. Ironically the tapes would be used against him and he would be charged with many crimes and felonies. Somehow on some of the tapes areas of importance would be erased by "accident" Nixon would hurt himself by always lying to the public and speaking half-truths. Through this time Bob Woodward would keep track of the case. He had a "deep throat" to give him inside information, which would lead to Nixon resigning. Once Nixon resigned, Gerald ford would be appointed the president. He would pardon Nixon from all of his crimes and this would lead to Ford'ss downfall at the end of his term because he pardoned Nixon of all crimes.

In the end of the sixties and in the early seventies, Richard Nixon was the president of America. During his presidency, many economical changes would erupt questioning his leadership ability. In the early seventies, there would be a nation wide rail road strike and a postal strike. This was all because of the money paid to them wasn’t enough to suffice for the high rates of inflation. This became a political affair on who would regulate the economy. At this time another huge embargo placed on the U.S. and the rest of the western hemisphere was the OPEC embargo. (Also known as the Arab Oil Embargo). This hurt the United States politically because of their relations with the Arab nations and the economy of the U.S. The main incident that hurt Nixon was the Watergate scandal. He was so "hungry" to win that he went off to cheat so he can win. He wanted to know who he was going to run against, but this would hurt him eventually leading to his resignation. On the positive side, Nixon had the United States at an all time low for unemployment to 3.3%. He also improved relations with china and the U.S.S.R. or now Russia. A major help was when he pulled out America of the Vietnam War saving thousands of American lives from injury and harm. After this in 1974 he would be relieved by Gerald Ford who would later pardon him of all his crimes.

During the early seventies, many issues regarding politics arose. Nixon pulling out of the Vietnam War was a huge one. He also did a lot to get better relations with China and the U.S.S.R. he didn't do very much domestically but he did plenty foreign work. In 1973 there was an embargo hurting the US and also the water gate scandal erupted. These would hurt Nixon because of the economy and inflation problems. Gerald Ford would take over after Nixon until 1977 once carter would take office.

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